1. The two-roomed or three-roomed flats, are usually let for weekly periods.
  2. The lease starts Saturday afternoon after 2.00 p.m. and fmishes thè following Saturday at 10.00 a.m. and by that time thè rooms have to be returned free from people and things.
  3. The rent includes:
    - bed linen and bathroom linen;
    - rooms hearing and power consumption; _
    - colour TV;
    - heated lockers for ski boots, skis and snowboards; final cleaning expenses.
  4. Su richiesta, sino ad esaurimento si possono noleggiare:
    ? Altri cambi di biancheria;
    ? Un posto auto nel piano interrato.
  5. By request, it is possible to hire, according to thè available quantity: other changes of linen; a car or motorbike park in thè basement;
  6. The quittance has to be paid at least fifteen days before thè beginning of thè lease.
  7. If, once booked, thè renter gives up thè lease, that is, he does not pay thè quittance at least fifteen days before thè beginning of thè lease, thè deposit will be confiscated and thè booking will be cancelled.
  8. The first day of thè lease, a 250 Euro cash caution money has to be paid for each fiat. This deposit will be given back on thè departure day, quit of contingent expenses for damages.
  9. Animals are not admitted.
  10. It is absolutely forbidden to introduce ski boots, skis or snowboards in thè flats: there is a proper room in thè basement with heated lockers included in thè lease.
  11. In thè basement there is a laundry room with a washing machine and a dryer.
  12. The garbage must be put in thè proper rubbish bin.
  13. It is forbidden to introduce in thè flats more people than thè available beds.
  14. It is forbidden to make noise or disturbing thè peace of other lodgers.
  15. It is forbidden to leave bottles or some objects on thè window-sills or on thè balcony.
  16. The customers are required to preserve thè flats and thè furnishing in thè best way and they will be considered responsible for thè damages and/or thè shortages.
  17. According to thè good rules of behaviour, thè customers are required to clean usually thè apartments, bathrooms, electric appliances and dishes.
  18. The lessor reserves thè righi to interrupt thè lease if thè above mentioned regulations are not respected, without giving anything to thè defaulting lodgers.
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